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Experten Seminar zur Prozesswasser Aufbereitung in Kliniken

Minimierung der Prozessrisiken in der Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten

Minimierung von Prozessrisiken

Topic block 1: Process water treatment in hospitals

Target group:
Management, technical management, purchasing management and employees from AEMP / CSSD / building services

Seminar Objective:

Establish 100% media safety in process water treatment for optimal minimization of process risk for medical device reprocessing.

The requirements for the hygiene of medical products have been steadily gaining in importance for years. Closely related to this is the process of water treatment for sterile goods processing, which is already anchored in the DIN EN 285 standard for feed water and condensate.

Many years of practical experience have shown that the limit values for feed water and condensate specified in the currently valid standard continue to result in premature wear of the system technology, sterile materials and instrumentation and therefore do not meet the hygienic requirements for a load-free, sterile medical device and the protection of patients and investments.

In this seminar block 1, our speaker Ralf Kurzrock will present or explain the current status of the standard vs. the state of the art and knowledge in entertaining lectures. In joint group work and on the basis of practical examples, a safety concept for the media supply for safe process water treatment will be presented.

In joint group work, the contents of the seminar are reflected upon and savings potentials, individual obstacles or even structural hurdles of the seminar participants are included or considered with the experience of the participants.


    Evaluations from seminar participants

    Attractively structured seminar, professionally conducted with clearly demonstrated solutions to problems.

    Dr. P. Studte
    SHP Wassertechnik GmbH

    100% satisfied. The seminar content is very instructive. Very concrete practical examples.

    J. Bätz

    Very good seminar structure. My expectations were met. The seminar content is very goal-oriented.

    M. Schröder
    GFO Kliniken Troisdorf