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Optimization of logistics for sterile goods and instruments

Logistics flows: quality standards for optimizing downtimes

Sterile goods and instrument logistics

Topic block 5: Sterile Supply Instrument Logistics in Hospitals

Target group:
Employees and managers from CSSD, AEMP and OR department

Seminar Objective:

Ensuring and increasing patient safety by illuminating the special challenges that supply and disposal logistics pose for the organization of supply routes and the intermediate storage of instruments and sterile goods.

The quality of sterile processing is demonstrably influenced by surgical instrument logistics.
The correct provision of surgical instruments, pre-cleaning, storage locations, and incoming and outgoing flows play a central role in maintaining the value of existing or newly procured surgical instruments.
A holistic view of the instrument logistics process from pre-op to post-op leads to investment security, cost savings, and the maintenance or even improvement of patient safety.

In this part of the seminar, our expert Ralf Kurzrock will work with you on basic rules for logistics flows, quality standards for optimizing downtimes, and concrete tips for potential savings in OR preparation.