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System solutions and process monitoring for industrial water treatment

Online measurement technology and system solutions for innovative water treatment

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NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller Concept

The NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller concept is a basic building block for any water treatment plant.

Technical highlights

  • Available as 4 or 8 channel system
  • Modular concept for signal inputs (Modbus-RTU, 4-20 mA or RS232)
  • Software architecture for integration of Testomat EVO, Testomat 2000, Testomat LAB, Testomat 808, Testomat 808 SiO2 and Neomeris Select already available
  • Ethernet interface for network integration
  • Visualization of status messages and measured values via web interface

Handheld measuring devices from Horiba as exclusive case solution

The pocket testers are suitable for the measurement of industrial waste water, drinking water as well as products from the food and beverage industry and the agricultural sector


  • Fast analysis of measurement parameters on site
  • Easy and uncomplicated handling
  • High-quality sensor technology
  • Broad product portfolio for use in different application areas

Neomeris Flush panel for cooling tower

The Neomeris blowdown panel was developed for simple conductivity-controlled blowdown processes in the cooling tower area


  • Preprogrammed and electrically wired ready for operation
  • Factory pre-calibration of the conductive conductivity measurement


Hygiene to the point – your starting signal for monitored hygiene

Your advantages:

  • Easy to use method to monitor your cleaning and disinfection
  • Modular system for different applications
  • Comprehensible test report

Excerpt from the numerous areas of application:
Medical practices, bus & train, cabs, car sharing, mobile homes, public facilities, hotels, vacation homes, canteens, kitchens, restaurants, spa & wellness areas, swimming pools, tattoo & fitness studios, schools, daycare centers, nursing homes, etc.

Buffer and calibration solutions

High-quality buffer and calibration solutions for calibrating your electrodes with special hygienic closure


  • Available in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles

Pool and laboratory electrodes

For precise measurement of the quality of your pool, pond water and for use in the laboratory

Online analyzers for water treatment plants

Testomat® instruments available for more than 20 parameters; continuous development of new instruments for new maximum process reliability in water treatment.

Industry Precision in water hardness measurement

The Testomat 808 is a compact analyzer for the Online – measurement of water hardness according to the principle “limit value monitoring with color change”.

Ozone generators, ozone devices, ozone measurement technology

Ozone generators for water treatment.
Electrolytic ozone generators for ultrapure water – disinfection residual ozone destructors.

UV systems for water disinfection

UV technology – DVGW / ÖVGW certified UV systems
UV systems for drinking water, ultrapure water and process water disinfection

Controls for reverse osmosis plants

The Softmaster® micro-controller series is a cost-effective alternative to process control systems for controlling various water treatment plants

Multiparameter handheld photometer (380 - 810 nm)

Suitable for cuvette experiments with HEYL or various reagents

  • Data storage for 150 calibration curves / parameters
  • Memory for 1000 data sets

Tradition and future for innovative water treatment plants

Precision and safety in over 45,000 installations

We are Gebr. Heyl Vertriebsgesellschaft für innovative Wasseraufbereitung GmbH.

Our parent company:

Gebr. Heyl Analysetechnik GmbH


  • Own development
  • Own production
  • Own manufacturing
  • Own chemical laboratory
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Multiple awards

Analysis measurement technology for water treatment plants

High Tech Products

  • Online analytical instruments
  • Controls
  • Process – measuring instruments
  • Analysis systems
  • Test kits / reagents
  • Hand-held measuring devices
  • UV – equipment
  • Ozone equipment – ozone generators
  • Disinfection systems

Applications of measurement technology for water treatment


  • Measure water hardness.
  • Measure carbonate hardness
  • Measure conductivity.
  • Salting cooling towers.
  • Water softening
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Silicate measurement
  • Phosphate Measurement
  • Acid capacity, carbon hardness
… and various other applications

Solutions Building and High Technology from three product worlds

Heyl - World


  • Water analysers / Testomat world
  • Controls: softmaster ROE and MMP
  • Indicators and reagents

Neomeris - World

  • UV and ozone systems
  • Pocket testers
  • pH electrodes
  • Redox electrodes
  • conductivity meters
  • Water analysis handheld photometers
  • Buffer solutions
  • Analysis case
  • Gas measuring instruments

NeoTec - World


  • NeoTecMaster
  • NeoTec Slave
  • NeoTec Select Sensors
  • NeoTec CalBox

Heyl Neomeris Clinical Solutions

HeylNeomeris as a system supplier also for under-counter systems in laboratories and medical practices

As a water purifier, we stand for disinfection and ultra-pure water technology in particular. Our latest solution is particularly suitable for deionized water requirements in laboratories and for operating medical practices to ensure that equipment and instruments are available at all times.

With a deionized water requirement of up to 50 litres/hour, our new system concept perfectly complies with the required limit values in accordance with guidelines 17 and 18 of the DGSV’s Hygiene, Construction and Technology Committee in the smallest of spaces.

Hygiene and disinfection are important core objectives for every surgeon. The measurement of silicates and conductivity are components of our smart solution.

We support you in determining the deionized water requirement and in smooth integration as a system supplier.

Trouble-free operation and the sustainable condition of equipment and instruments are essential for an efficient process flow.

High-quality open-manufacturer multiparameter system NeoTecMaster®.

Our open manufacturer multiparameter system NeoTec Master®.

High-quality multi-parameter system for the connection of up to 8 online monitoring devices and/or sensors for the measurement of various water parameters.

The networking of a wide variety of measuring systems and their integration into process automation is an elementary component here.

The Neomeris Multi-Controller NeoTec Master® was developed specifically for this task and is a manufacturer-independent system.


Technical highlights

    • Available as 4 or 8 channel system
    • Modular concept for signal inputs (Modbus-RTU, 4-20 mA or RS232)
    • Software architecture for integration of Testomat EVO/2000/Eco, Testomat LAB, Testomat 808/808 SiO2 as well as Neomeris Select already available
    • Ethernet interface for network integration
    • Visualization of status messages and measured values via web interface

Product groups

Produkte Wasseraufbereitung Übersicht


Wasseraufbereitung Messtechnologie Lösungen

Solutions Building

Wasseraufbereitung Messtechnik individuelle Projektplanung

Financing models

Bilanzneutrale Finanzierung von Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen

Repair service

Messtechnik Analysegeräte Reparaturservice

Warranty extension

Messtechnik Analysegeräte Garantieverlängerung

Reagent – Indicator Calculator

Wasserhärte Indikatoren Verbrauchsrechner

Online Shop

Heyl Neomeris Onlineshop

Test kits in the Online Shop

Wasserhärte messen Testkits Duroval A

Measurement technology for innovative water treatment - multiple awards

Supplier status “A” – BWT Pharma & Biotech GmbH, Judo Wasseraufbereitung GmbH

  • Supplier evaluation according to DIN ISO 9001 95 95% 95%

Precise measurement reliability in industry standard for water treatment plants

Measurement technology for water treatment plants is our expertise.

NEOMERIS is an umbrella brand of Gebrüder Heyl Vertriebsgesellschaft für innovative Wasseraufbereitung mbH.
For over 60 years, our parent company, Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik GmbH & Co.KG, has been a specialist in industrial water treatment.

In production of our parent company analysis, measuring and control devices for water treatment are developed and produced. This includes e.g. test automats and control systems.
In addition, UV systems, electrolytic ozone generators, multiparameter handheld photometers, pocket testers and conductivity meters are sold through our umbrella brand.

The Testomat series measures more than 20 parameters, including water hardness, carbonate hardness, free chlorine and chlorine dioxide. The instruments are used in a wide range of applications, including drinking water treatment, swimming pools, food production, cooling, heating and water circuits, legionella prophylaxis, industrial applications and wastewater treatment.

The company is the market leader in industrial water hardness measurement.
In the own chemical laboratory of Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik GmbH & Co. KG the suitable indicators and reagents for the devices are produced.
We develop and manufacture individual analytical instruments for industrial and commercial water treatment plants on behalf of our customers.

Numerous plant manufacturers integrate the measurement technology of Heylneomeris.

A large number of our partners and customers regularly make use of the NEOMERIS product range for their product and plant solutions, up to individually designed products and plant systems that meet today’s high quality standards.

From UV systems to ozone generators, dosing controls, pH measuring systems, conductivity transmitters and also probe measuring systems for e.g. turbidity, chlorine, ammonium or multi-parameter solutions as well as rapid testers for water treatment and gas measuring systems, e.g. for H2O2 can be supplied from “one source”.

Find your solution for the future together with our experts.
As experts in industrial water treatment and process monitoring, we design with you process-oriented applications, individual system solutions up to special product variants.

Our expert knowledge and development competence are an expression of high quality consulting and enable us to offer you and your customers a constantly growing spectrum of solutions.

Request your planning support and your individual offer directly online.


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