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Solution Building of water treatment plants by experienced engineers

Decades of experience in complex process integration of measurement technology

Solution Building for water treatment processes

From our role as one of the leading component suppliers in the field of analysis of water constituents, we trustfully cooperate with our customers also in the field of project planning and realization.

The main focus of our work lies in the classical consulting with regard to the integration of the individual components into the specific process as well as the associated sample preparation and the necessary bypass conception. With the know-how of our employees, the close cooperation with the individual development departments of our parent company as well as our service partners operating throughout Germany, the following tasks, among others, were processed:

  • Development of analyzers for the Asian-speaking market
  • Bypass development for monitoring process-critical parameters on the steam side in the energy sector
  • Concept development for the monitoring of large boiler plants in other European countries
  • Development of an analysis and sample preparation system for the determination of water constituents with the aim of minimizing plant damage due to overdosage of corrosive media
  • Various projects for the treatment of process water flows by means of UV and ozone (e.g. ozonization of process water in the paper processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, …)
  • Sterile and ultra-pure water treatment in clinics (ensuring stain-free surgical cutlery)

This cooperation also results in new developments of fully automated analyzer systems for previously unavailable parameters, the technical adaptation of existing products to the requirements of our customers and the development as well as the order-related production of OEM products.

In order to ensure optimal project execution, teams are formed internally from the necessary employees. The necessary know-how is combined in our company as well as at our partners, from the execution of the feasibility study to the support of the first pilot plants.

Soutions Building z.B. Ozonanlage in der Pharmaindustrie