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Minimization of process risks in sterile goods processing

Decision-making reliability through a holistic approach to process flows

Decision-Maker Safety

Topic block 6: Strengthening the security of decision-makers

Target group:
General managers, heads of administration, purchasing managers

Seminar Objective:

Recognition of the specific personal liability risk as an operator of healthcare facilities in accordance with the Medical Devices Act (MPG) and installation of preventive measures through consistent risk management in the sterile goods reprocessing process.

Requirements and basic knowledge for instrument and patient safety as well as cost reduction through decision maker safety.
Process risks and their consequences in the field of sterile processing.

Operators of healthcare facilities, respectively operators of medical devices, are responsible within the framework of the MPG for compliance with hygiene laws and infection control guidelines to achieve and maintain patient safety.

Knowledge of the process risks in the sterile processing chain is of central importance here in order to prevent violations of medical device legislation and to provide legal certainty for the operator of the healthcare facilities.

In this seminar block, our speaker Ralf Kurzrock will illuminate process risks and their consequential costs with you, taking into account the applicable laws, rules, regulations and DIN.
You will develop key elements to make decisions on a transparent basis.

Practical examples will be used to develop recommendations for the assessment of service offerings, quality criteria and costs in order to achieve instrument and patient safety as well as the legal framework for action.

Possibilities for safety and economy in the entire hygiene and sterile goods reprocessing process by integrating new technologies and process analytics will be demonstrated.