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Repair and warranty service by own technicians at Neomeris

Comprehensive equipment service in our own state-of-the-art service center

Repair and maintenance of measuring devices

With us you get a comprehensive equipment service.

We have a modern equipped service center.
Here we carry out a targeted fault analysis on your device. You will then receive a detailed cost estimate. (within three days) – After you have placed the order, the device is fully repaired by our specialists.
The duration of the maintenance work is one to two days.
Quality assurance is performed by a three-day test run of the device on our test wall.
The measurements with different degrees of hardness are carried out against a reference device. Thus, you will receive your device back fully functional within seven to nine days.

You would like to use our maintenance and repair service, but cannot do without hardness measurement for your process? No problem, we will send you a repair loaner on request, which you can use for a period of four weeks. You will be charged for this loan unit with the corresponding payment term until it is back in our company undamaged and your unit is in use again.
A credit note will then be issued for the loan unit. This way your production is always guaranteed. Talk to us.

We carry out the repair of devices in our own repair workshop with trained technicians.
Most repairs can be carried out very promptly, so that the measuring device is back in use with you as quickly as possible.

You have a device malfunction?

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Our service technicians will contact you immediately and coordinate the further procedure regarding a necessary repair with you.

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