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Online warranty extension and warranty registration of Testomats

Free warranty extension with original indicator cover in subscription model

Online warranty extension and warranty management from Testomaten

Online warranty registration and device management.

Log in to the online store and register devices.
You will permanently see the respective warranty status for all registered devices.

Online warranty extension with automated original indicator purchase in the subscription model.
First register the device and then apply for the free warranty extension to 36 months including subscription of the respective original indicator.
You will permanently see the respective warranty status and the corresponding indicator subscription model for all registered devices.

The indicator model results from the indicator consumption calculation that has been carried out.
The indicators are automatically sent to you for the corresponding consumption cycle.

In the course of the technical assessment, it was determined that a booster pump was the cause of the problem. Through a targeted on-site analysis of the relevant water parameters and the instrumentation used, it was simultaneously determined that the existing plant did not ensure the necessary quality of the ultrapure water for the downstream processes and treatment steps.

On the recommendation of our experts, a blending bed designed to meet current demand with highly sensitive monitoring was installed as an interim solution. This enabled the necessary security of supply to be restored within a very short time.

Garantieverlängerung und Registrierung Testomaten