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N-LF420 0-2µS conductivity meter for mixed bed cartridge monitoring in the clinical environment.

Conductivity meter for mixed bed cartridge monitoring in the clinical environment

The conductivity meter “N-LF420” is designed for the measurement of conductivity in ultrapure water (deionised water). The measuring range is 0 to 2 μS/cm and the measurement itself is temperature-compensated to achieve the required high measuring accuracy.

For visualisation of the current measured value, there are 2 colour LEDs (1 green LED, 1 red LED) on the top of the measuring device. The measured conductivity is visualised via these two LEDs.

The standard LED configuration was implemented as follows for this purpose:

  • <0.5 µS/cm = green
  • >0.5µS/cm to <1µS/cm = green/red flashing
  • >1 µS/cm = red

The conductivity meter uses an acrylic glass cover that diffuses the light of the LEDs so that the current LED status can be seen from a distance in darker rooms. A screw-in thread of 3/4″ is provided (modification according to customer requirements is possible). The application limits are P max: 6 bar and T max: 50 °C.

The measuring device is suitable for mixed-bed cartridge monitoring in the clinical environment and is used to measure the conductivity in mixed-bed ion exchanger cartridges. Via the integrated 4-20mA signal output, this can be forwarded to a higher-level control (NeoTecMaster®).

If desired, it is also possible to realise alternative measuring ranges.

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