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Equipment technology, components and accessories in clinics

Minimization of process risks in the reprocessing of medical devices

Equipment technology in clinics

Topic block 2: Equipment technology, components and accessories

Target group:
Employees and managers from AEMP, CSSD and building services.

Seminar Objective:

Avoidance and prevention of costs for the renovation or new acquisition of equipment and plant technology, up to the renewal of complete supply systems.

Risk indicators, components and elements in the media supply protect sterile processing and minimize risks in the treatment and reprocessing of medical devices.

Steam sterilization represents a very sensitive and demanding part of medical device reprocessing.
Process water and steam within the sterilizers (autoclaves) directly transfer negative influences to the instrumentation and represent a latently high and cost-driving process risk in hygienic terms, which actually results in high risks for patient safety.

Daily practice shows that the limits for feed water and condensate in the current DIN EN 285 lead prematurely to quality defects in the equipment technology, the components and the overall system for sterile processing.

In this seminar block, our speaker Ralf Kurzrock will explain the influence of process water qualities on the technology used in sterile processing as well as on the overall process, taking into account the current state of knowledge and the state of the art.

Using practical examples and in joint group work, a holistic approach to the sterile goods reprocessing process is used to develop potential for avoiding follow-up costs for refurbishment and new acquisitions, and to convey convincing facts that will make the participants’ daily tasks easier.

Evaluations from seminar participants

Attractively structured seminar, professionally conducted with clearly demonstrated solutions to problems and good practical orientation.

Dr. P. Studte
SHP Wassertechnik GmbH

Learned awareness of circles of impact through media supply. Gained new problem-solving awareness.

J. Bätz

I take a lot with me have definitely received useful knowledge. My expectations were met. The seminar content is very good.

M. Schröder
GFO Kliniken Troisdorf