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System solutions for Water treatment plants Bremerhaven

industrial measurement technology, UV and ozone technology for water treatment

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NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller Concept

The NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller concept is a basic building block for any water treatment plant.

Technical highlights

  • Available as 4 or 8 channel system
  • Modular concept for signal inputs (Modbus-RTU, 4-20 mA or RS232)
  • Software architecture for integration of Testomat EVO, Testomat 2000, Testomat LAB, Testomat 808, Testomat 808 SiO2 and Neomeris Select already available
  • Ethernet interface for network integration
  • Visualization of status messages and measured values via web interface

Handheld measuring devices from Horiba as exclusive case solution

The pocket testers are suitable for the measurement of industrial waste water, drinking water as well as products from the food and beverage industry and the agricultural sector


  • Fast analysis of measurement parameters on site
  • Easy and uncomplicated handling
  • High-quality sensor technology
  • Broad product portfolio for use in different application areas

Neomeris Flush panel for cooling tower

The Neomeris blowdown panel was developed for simple conductivity-controlled blowdown processes in the cooling tower area


  • Preprogrammed and electrically wired ready for operation
  • Factory pre-calibration of the conductive conductivity measurement

Buffer and calibration solutions

High-quality buffer and calibration solutions for calibrating your electrodes with special hygienic closure


  • Available in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles

Online analyzers for water treatment plants

Testomat® instruments available for more than 20 parameters; continuous development of new instruments for new maximum process reliability in water treatment.

Industry Precision in water hardness measurement

The Testomat 808 is a compact analyzer for the Online - measurement of water hardness according to the principle "limit value monitoring with color change".

Ozone generators, ozone devices, ozone measurement technology

Ozone generators for water treatment.
Electrolytic ozone generators for ultrapure water - disinfection residual ozone destructors.

UV systems for water disinfection

UV technology - DVGW / ÖVGW certified UV systems
UV systems for drinking water, ultrapure water and process water disinfection

Controls for reverse osmosis plants

The Softmaster® micro-controller series is a cost-effective alternative to process control systems for controlling various water treatment plants

Tradition and future for innovative Water treatment plants Bremerhaven

The water supply in Bremerhaven is ensured by Stadtwerke Bremerhaven. The drinking water for Bremerhaven comes mainly from groundwater. The city has its own waterworks and wells that use groundwater as a source of water. The extracted groundwater is treated in the waterworks of Stadtwerke Bremerhaven. The exact treatment steps may include filtration, disinfection and, if necessary, the addition of chemicals to make the water suitable for human consumption.

In Bremerhaven, drinking water is of excellent quality. The city in Lower Saxony is supplied with groundwater that is distributed to urban areas by three waterworks. Stadtwerke Bremen (SWB) is responsible for checking and guaranteeing the consistently high quality of Bremerhaven’s water. In doing so, the Stadtwerke point out that contamination from old pipes or fittings is conceivable, which is why measuring the quality at one’s own tap is recommended. The water hardness in Bremerhaven can be described as soft to medium-hard.

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For the customer, this means that the water is pleasant to use. Calcification of household appliances is not to be expected. The treated drinking water is distributed via a well-developed network of water pipes in Bremerhaven. The pipeline system extends throughout the city and supplies water to households, businesses and public facilities. Stadtwerke Bremerhaven monitors the quality of the drinking water through regular inspections and tests. Chemical and microbiological analyses are performed to ensure that the water meets current quality standards and is safe for consumption. Water is checked regularly, beyond what is required by the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Specifically, self-monitoring with more than 150 parameters and ingredients of SWB water are carefully tested by an external laboratory. The water consumption data is recorded and used by Stadtwerke Bremerhaven for billing customers. Customers receive corresponding water bills based on their individual consumption.

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The history of wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH: A reliable supply through the ages

The history of wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH: A reliable supply through the ages

The history of wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH is closely linked to the development history of the city of Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven was founded in 1827 in the early days of industrialization and was primarily intended to serve the city of Bremen as a seaport, as large ships could no longer call at the ports in the city of Bremen via the silted-up Weser. The new port town grew to 7000 inhabitants within the following thirty years.

Supplying the new town was a complicated matter, mainly for geopolitical reasons. Although the Lower Weser towns of Lehe in the north, Bremerhaven in the west and Geestemünde in the south bordered closely on each other, administratively deep trenches had been drawn between them. Bremerhaven was subject to the Bremen Senate, while Lehe and Geestemünde belonged to Royal Prussian Hanover. As a result, all three towns built up their own autonomous supply structure. However, as the towns grew, it became increasingly clear that no single municipality could cope with the financial and logistical problems of supply on its own.

A first attempt at cooperation between Bremerhaven and Lehe in 1919 ended when, five years later, the two towns of Geestemünde and Lehe merged to form the new town of Wesermünde. The utilities received their first unified administration in 1939 when Bremerhaven was incorporated into the city of Wesermünde. After the end of the Second World War, the city of Wesermünde was assigned to the newly founded federal state of Bremen and renamed Bremerhaven by the Bremen Senate on March 10. This is the beginning of the actual corporate history of wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH.

Nevertheless, the beginnings of the supply of Bremerhaven already lie in the middle of the 19th century. In 1865, the supply network of wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH was established with the foundation of a gas company. The increasing population of the city required the construction of a modern gasworks, which was decided by the city councils. Although there was skepticism about this modernization at first, the neighboring communities of Lehe and Geestemünde also built their own gasworks in the years that followed.

In 1884, the city council decided to build the first municipal waterworks to supply water to the growing population of almost 14,000 inhabitants at the time. The merger of the previously competing water suppliers Eilt and Schwoon led to a doubling of water prices, which outraged the citizens. In the years that followed, additional waterworks were built in Lehe and Geestemünde to make the water supply more independent.

In 1907, the municipal energy supply passed completely into the ownership of the city. The energy supply was increasingly organized by the Stadtwerke Bremerhaven (Bremerhaven public utility company), which took over the supply of gas and water in addition to electricity. The modernization of the gas supply in 1911 led to an expansion of the supply network and increased safety in the handling of gas. In 1921, the electricity supply was changed from direct current to alternating current to meet the increasing demands of industry.

In 1927, new drinking water extraction sites were put into operation to meet the increasing demand for clean drinking water. Stadtwerke Bremerhaven invested in modern treatment plants and wells to ensure a long-term water supply. The founding of the city of Bremerhaven in 1947 marked the beginning of a new era in municipal supply. Stadtwerke Bremerhaven became a distribution company responsible for providing electricity, gas, water and heat.

In 1957, district heating was introduced in Bremerhaven, providing heat to households and businesses. The use of cogeneration enabled efficient energy production and helped reduce environmental impact. In the following decades, continuous improvements and modernizations were made to the supply systems to meet increasing demands.

In 1998, Stadtwerke Bremerhaven was privatized and the company became swb Bremerhaven GmbH & Co. KG. swb Bremerhaven GmbH & Co. KG became a subsidiary of Bremer swb AG, an energy and infrastructure company. Since then, wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH has been a subsidiary of Bremer swb AG and is responsible for the reliable and sustainable supply of electricity, gas, water and heat in the Wesermünde region.

Today, wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH plays an important role in supplying energy and water in the region. The company is continuously working to modernize supply systems, improve energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources. By using modern technologies and innovative solutions, wesernetz Bremerhaven GmbH contributes to the sustainable development of the city of Bremerhaven and its surroundings.

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