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Cooling tower process blowdown analysis technology

Leading measurement technology and controls in cooling towers

The desalination system for cooling towers sustainably prevents damage

As a rule, heated cooling water produced in power plants or industrial processes is recooled in cooling towers. For economic and ecological reasons, particular attention must be paid here to the consumption of cooling water, energy consumption and protection of the plant.

Untreated or only partially softened water, which is used as feed water for cooling water circuits or air washers, very often leads to difficulties with:

  • Biological deposits caused by slime bacteria and algae (contamination)
  • Corrosion of metallic materials
  • Lime deposits

To counteract this, automatic monitoring and conditioning of the cooling circuit water is necessary.


For this application, we offer the automatic desalting system with MultiControl CT according to VDI 2047 sheets 1 and 2, for guideline-compliant operation of the plant.

  • The desalination can be controlled either conductivity-dependent or TDS-dependent. An interlock of the desalination after a biocide dosing is provided. The blowdown duration can be monitored.
  • The biocide dosing can optionally take place after a certain number of days or regularly on certain weekdays at a fixed time. Optionally, pre-salting is possible.
  • For quantity-proportional inhibitor dosing, various setting options for dosing time and dosing duration are available.
  • The circulation can optionally take place after a certain number of days or regularly on certain days of the week at a fixed time.

In addition, limit values, e.g. for temperature (min. and max.) or pH value (min. and max.) can be monitored.

Messtechnologie für Kühltürme

Schematic representation of a desalination plant for cooling towers.

Absalzung Wasseraufbereitung für Kühltürme

Amortization of a desalination plant for cooling towers

Without water treatment, the costs for the higher energy consumption, downtimes of the plant, maintenance and repair costs easily amount to significantly more than 10,000 € per year.

The ROI of the plant investment is usually achieved within one year.

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