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Photometric measurement technology: Testomat training of Heyl analyzers

Basics, operation and technical differences of the Testomat series of instruments

Training of the Testomat device series

Testomat training

Testomatics: Design, use, maintenance

Practical seminar design

Training content:

  • Basics of photometric analysis
  • Technical design and differences between the individual instrument variants
  • Service and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction
  • Practical exercises in our technical center

Note: If necessary and upon request, our speaker will address open questions.

Participants will receive a training folder incl. documentation on USB.

Minimum number of participants: 5 , max. TN 10 persons

Speaker: Karsten Hesse

Participant opinions

  • Practical relevance of the training through hands-on exercises on a faulty device. All possibilities of fault analysis are carried out.
  • The practical training as well as the exemplary elimination of faults on the test automats.
  • The practical part of the training is excellent


Optionally, we also offer Testomat training in English.

Testomatschulungen, Photometrische Messtechnologie

Evaluations from seminar participants

Professional seminar with very helpful practical advice. The training equipment is installed too high.

J. Liersch
Suez Group

My expectations were met 100%. The contents learned are very helpful for practice.

M. Hettner

The practical exercises and the information on troubleshooting and diagnostics were particularly helpful

D. Listewnik

My expectations of the seminar were met. Of particular value was the information on maintenance measures.

J. Kern
Kern Wassertechnik

Seminar rich in content, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Questions were answered professionally.

B. Raschke
WTG Deutschland GmbH

Very good seminar, great speaker, small group, very good all-round support.

N. Hafrank
Lämmerzahl Wasseraufbereitung

Very instructive seminar, the seminar content is a help in practical work.

A. Schmeil
Zweckverband Ostharz

All around satisfied, the seminar contents and the handed out entertainments are very helpful.

R. Staehr
Zweckverband Ostharz

One of the best courses I have ever attended. Lots of practice, good explanations and competent staff.

Hank Dominik

Very good explanations, especially in the area of error analysis. Very relaxed and practical training.

Carsten Reusch

Super technical center and very practical training with good food. Extensive training content.

Daniel Weis

Brief insight into Testomat training