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Sustainable and energy-efficient water treatment for industry

Think green: Environmentally friendly technologies for a sustainable future
Nachhaltige Wasseraufbereitung

Sustainable water treatment through energy-efficient technologies

Our sense of responsibility towards society, the environment and the ecosystem is a prerequisite for ensuring that our children can also experience a future in an intact environment.

As a competent and reliable partner in sustainable industrial water treatment, the careful use of the free resource water is our commitment.

With the latest Testomat technology, we offer our customers optimized water consumption in the online analysis of the respective water parameters, as well as an associated opportunity to reduce energy costs through optimized use of resources and protection of the plant technology (here using the boiler house as an example).

Improved control of a wide range of water parameters through online monitoring can save several thousand euros a year in energy and downtime (read also BC Boiler House)). Water quality monitoring can also significantly increase the lifetime of heating and steam boilers, resulting in significant asset and investment savings.

We understand the respective national legal and regulatory requirements as minimum requirements and strive to achieve a higher level of environmental protection / resource conservation with the developments of our parent company and our Solution Building division.

Exemplary for this is the development of the new Testomat generation (e.g. LAB CL) with optimized use of reagents and indicators as well as the development of the consumption calculators for the above mentioned chemicals, which are necessary for the online analysis of the respective water parameters.
The focus here is on resource protection through knowledge of the optimal consumption quantity.

Our optimized supply chains, which are designed by professional supply chain management in combination with efficient inventory management, contribute to the avoidance of environmental pollution and increase resource efficiency.


From the point of view of optimized use of resources, sustainable, certified packaging material is used in logistics.
Environmentally friendly disposal or recyclability is a decisive selection criterion.
For example, Renature packaging chips, which are compostable and biodegradable, are used as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic (see certificate).

As part of our supply chain management, we offer our customers the option of selecting cost-optimized delivery intervals for indicators and reagents in our newly developed subscription model and generally offer all customers direct delivery of ordered products to points of consumption to save CO2 emissions.
In addition, we strengthen the personal sense of responsibility for the environment among all employees in the design and rethinking of work processes through to the daily personal behavior of our employees.


nachhaltige umweltfreundliche Verpackungschips

At our new building location, which we moved into in 2018, we incorporated sustainability into the design process and created habitat for bees and other insects on our outdoor grounds.

Nachhaltigkeit für das Firmengebäude
Bienenwiese bei Heyl Neomeris