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Referent Sterilgutaufbereitung für Kliniken, Ralf Kurzrock

As a process analyst & consultant, Ralf Kurzrock is a proven specialist in optimizing and improving sterile goods processes and hygiene in hospitals and clinics.

Ralf Kurzrock accompanies and advises managers and specialists in hospitals and clinics on process safety in sterile processing. His method: He is a consultant instead of a teacher.

It awakens in customers the interest to view the process of sterile goods preparation holistically in order to achieve the optimum from the individual existing system and to take a look beyond the legal standard.

In the various training sessions, Ralf Kurzrock conveys the challenges and possible solutions in sterile processing for the respective target groups in the process of sterile processing in a practical and entertaining manner. Ultimately, it is his personal credibility and passion for sterile processing that win people over to look at the state of knowledge vs. the state of the art. Like Ralf Kurzrock himself.

Ralf Kurzrock brings with him a completed apprenticeship as a surgical mechanic as well as further training as an industrial foreman in metal, specializing in instrument technology, comparable to the surgical mechanic foreman in the trade, REFA technician and medical device consultant. In his professional career at Roeser Medical GmbH, he has gained rhetorical practice as an internal training manager as well as an external lecturer and consultant.

Today he is a sought-after process analyst and consultant for optimization and improvement in sterile goods processes and hygiene in hospitals and clinics.

He inspires his audience with a masterful combination of expertise and practicality, objectivity and commitment.

Referent Karsten Hesse, Dipl. Ing. (FH), Schwerpunkt Wassertechnik

Karsten Hesse is a proven specialist; Dipl. Ing. (FH), specializing in water technology Head of Solution Building: development of customer-oriented solutions for industrial water treatment

As a development engineer, Karsten Hesse advises and supports customers in Europe in the conceptual design of water treatment solutions.

His strengths: He has a broad in-depth knowledge of water treatment, is well-versed in the holistic analysis of water treatment plants and develops sustainable plant concepts with a neutral, customer-oriented view.

In his seminars, Karsten Hesse conveys in entertaining lectures closely connected with practical units how challenges in water treatment can be met and which optimization possibilities exist with regard to costs, service, maintenance, auditing and sustainability.

Karsten Hesse has been working in environmental technology for well over 20 years and specialized in the field of technical water treatment during his professional career in 2009. He is experienced in auditing and can convincingly explain technical correlations. He has carried out reference installations in the Asian market, managed test series for new device developments and played a leading role in the development of a new sensor-based measurement concept.

He gained rhetorical practice as a consultant for quality and environmental management as well as in his many years as a speaker for the integration of measurement technology.

Today, he is a respected process developer and consultant for special solutions in the water treatment and process quality segment, as well as our Head of Solution Building.

In the seminars he creates an excellent combination of knowledge and practice.