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Service and maintenance of ozone generators

Annual service and maintenance intervals are recommended for ozone generators

Ozone generators: service and maintenance

Maintenance intervals for ozone generators

Our experts carry out the listed work in time frames specifically agreed with you and are available for a brief check of the entire water treatment system, independent of the manufacturer.

For your existing ozone generators (Membrel type) we recommend annual service and maintenance intervals.
Therefore, we offer service and maintenance packages for electrolytic ozone generators.

Your advantages:

  • Production-optimized maintenance intervals by adapting the maintenance cycles to your operating processes and/or downtimes.
  • Recognition of perspective need for action by knowing the availability of spare parts for ozone generators type MKII and, if necessary, timely rescheduling of a plant
  • Maximum planning and cost security for the maintenance of your ozone plant
Overview of the recommended scope of annual maintenance for ozone generators
Ozone generator (Membrel type)

Basically, the following work is done annually:

Visual inspection for leaks and damage; recording of current/voltage values of the electrodes; adjustment of the power settings with the existing ozone demand

Spare parts (change) Comments
1st year Filter mat Changing the electrode and seal set as required
2nd year Filter mat, gasket set, electrode set Number of sealing and electrode sets according to number and type of installed electrolytic cells
Year 3 Filter mat Changing the electrode and seal set as required
Year 4 Filter mat, Gasket set, Electrode set, Screw set, Thermostat Electrolysis cell Number of seal, electrode & screw sets according to number and type of installed electrolytic cells
Annotation: A change of the electrode set depends on the operating mode of the ozone generator. A change is recommended after two years at the latest or when the current/voltage values change. A change of the screw set and thermostat is recommended to ensure the required contact pressure on the electrolytic cell and proper temperature monitoring.


Ozonerzeuger Membrel
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    Service and maintenance are important components for ensuring plant availability in your company. Through our service partner network, we ensure competent support for our measurement & associated plant technology and carry out the necessary work directly on site.
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    For our customers, we regularly offer practical training courses that are specifically geared to the topics of maintenance, servicing and process integration of our measuring instruments. Please inform yourself about our current training dates. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest.