Testomat® LAB TH + LAB CL with NeoTecMaster® – value-added package

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Heyl Neomeris

Product information

Dimensions: 280 x 600 x 420 mm
Weight: 18,000 kg
Measurement parameters: Water hardness (residual total hardness), free or total chlorine and your existing Modbus RTU measurement technology.
Measuring range: 0.89 - 448 ppm | 0 to 5 mg/l total or free chlorine
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Description "Testomat® LAB TH + LAB CL with NeoTecMaster® – value-added package"

The Testomat® LAB TH determines the water hardness (residual total hardness) fully automatically by use of titration and has been developed for monitoring the water quality of water treatment plants, drinking water plants, industrial boilers and for monitoring process water and the Testomat® LAB CL is a robust, wet chemical online measuring converter to measure the concentration of total chlorine or free chlorine in the measuring range 0 - 5 mg/l. The instrument is suitable for controlling the water quality of water treatment plants, drinking water plants, process water monitoring and for monitoring the chlorine concentration in the cooling tower process. Instrument operation is based on the DPD method according to EN ISO 7393-2. The analysis is carried out through the addition of two reagents and the measurement result is obtained after a reaction time of approx. 60 seconds (pure measurement time without flush time).

In view of the fact that the Testomat® LAB TH and Testomat® LAB CL was developed for use in multi-parameter systems or for connection to a higher-level control system, we hereby offer you both Testomat® LAB analysis devices in combination with the NeoTecMaster®, which was specially developed by our company, as a package solution at a preferential price. 

The 4-channel NeoTecMaster® multi-parameter controller included in this package enables the processing of up to four measurement signals in this version. A signal input on the NeoTecMaster® , in this case the RS232 interface and one additional RS232 interface on the included NeoTec Slave module , are used by Testomat® LAB TH and  Testomat® LAB CL to display the measured value, the trend and the status messages on the 5 inch screen. In addition to the on board RS232 interface, the NeoTecMaster® also has a Modbus RTU input, which you can use freely after brief technical consultation with us. (Pre-check whether your existing measurement technology to be integrated requires adjustments). 

The NeoTecMaster® can be systematically supplemented with further optional NeoTec modules (function / signal converter modules) as required, thus enabling the future realisation of further control concepts in a flexible manner. A module that fundamentally expands the range of functions and is already included in the scope of delivery is our NeoTec slave relay module with which you can add potential-free relay contacts to the overall system. You can freely assign these to the incoming measurement signals and thus, for example, implement limit value-related control concepts, as well as output measurement-related messages. 

Further advantages of the NeoTecMaster: 

  • Simple operation Integration of the Testomat® world of instruments, here in conjunction with the Testomat® LAB TH and Testomat® LAB CL 
  • Integration into the existing control cabinet, alternatively we offer our NeoTecMaster® housing 
  • Modular range of functions can be extended by NeoTec slave and signal converter modules (measurement, control, regulation)
  • Available as built-in or surface-mounted variant Structured continuous data recording on the integrated SD card or optionally available SDHC card (2Gbyte) as a file in CSV format 

In addition, there are proven Testomat® LAB functionalities: 

  • Optimised water detection based on an optical measuring method 
  • RS232 interface for transmission of measured values and error messages 
  • Import and export of settings (basic programming) 
  • Logging of measurement data and messages/alarms via integrated SD card or optionally usable SDHC card (2GByte) 
  • Firmware update via SD card 
  • Execution of parameterisation by means of SD card or "Service Monitor" software via mini-USB (on the unit side) to USB 2.0 (e.g. PC/notebook) 
  • Multilingual software menu in German, English, French, Dutch; Portuguese
  • Integrated self-test with continuous monitoring 
  • Automatic venting of the indicator line 
  • Compact design 

Performance profil Testomat® LAB TH

  • High-precision titration by means of piston metering pump 
  • Reliable and low-maintenance operation 
  • Minimal indicator and water consumption 
  • Analogue output 4 - 20 mA for transmission of measured values 
  • Programmable hardness unit in °dH, °f, ppm CaCO3, mmol/l 
  • Collective alarm output 
  • Indicator quantities: 500 ml bottles 
  • Analysis trigger: 
                 - Automatic interval operation (interval pause adjustable from 0-255 minutes) 
                 - External analysis input (start/stop) 
                 - Manual start 
Performance profil Testomat® LAB CL: 
  • High-precision peristaltic pumps
  • Reliable and low-maintenance operation
  • Minimal reagent and water consumption
  • Analog output 4 - 20 mA for transmission of measured values
  • RS232 interface for transmission of measured values & fault messages
  • Common alarm output
  • Optimised reagents: Only 2 reagents for the determination of total chlorine
  • Optimised reagent set: filling quantities are coordinated so that the reagent set is used up almost evenly.

Analysis trigger:                  

  • Automatic interval operation (interval pause adjustable from 0-255 minutes)                   
  • External analysis input (start/stop)                  
  • Manual start 
Optional accessories available: 
  • OLED display 
  • Protective cover to increase the IP protection class of the Testomat® LAB devices 
  • NeoTecMaster instrument cover