Testomat® EVO TH CAL

Product number: 100712
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Available variants

Performance/execution : 100 - 240 VAC / 100 - 353 VDC, 24 VAC / 50-60 Hz

Product information

Dimensions: 380 x 280 x 480 mm
Weight: 10,600 kg
Measurement parameters: water hardness
Measuring range: 0.89 - 448 ppm
Range of application: Universal for water treatment plants | device with wide range power supply 100 – 240 VAC / 100 - 353 VDC
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Our comment: This device gets delivered without integrated power switch for fulfilling the safety standard DIN EN 61010-1 for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use. We recommend you the external power switch, order no 850925.


Description "Testomat® EVO TH CAL"

The Testomat® EVO TH CAL with additional calibration function automatically determines the water hardness by means of titration. The device is suitable for controlling the water quality of water treatment, drinking water systems, industrial boilers and for monitoring process water.

The Testomat® EVO TH CAL corresponds in function to the Testomat® EVO TH:
  • Optical water detection when filling the measuring chamber
  • Import and export of settings (basic programming) with selectable file name
  • Logging of measurement data and messages / alarms using an integrated SD or optional SDHC card (2GByte)
  • Firmware update via SD card
  • LCD graphic display
  • Multilingual menu with easy switching (internal programming is retained)
  • Integrated self-test with continuous monitoring
  • External clear / acknowledge input
  • Free programmable password
  • Automatic bleeding of the indicator line
  • Doors can be changed individually
  • Range monitoring (fall below limit value1 / exceed limit value 2)
  • Permitted number of lack of water, freely programmable (for systems with temporarily low water pressure)
Performance profile:
  • High-precision titration using a piston dosing pump
  • Analogue output 0/4 - 20 mA
  • Serial RS232 interface for transfer of measurement data and messages/alarms
  • Programmable hardness unit in ° dH, ° f, ppm CaCO3, mmol / l
  • 2 independent limits with adjustable switching functions as well as switching option in accordance with an adjustable number of negative  analyzes 
  • Analysis initiation:
    • automatic interval operation (0-99 minutes)
    • depending on quantity via contact water meter
  • Indicator quantities: 100 und 500 ml bottles

Testomat® EVO TH CAL is supplied without mains switch. This is done to comply with the safety standard DIN EN 61010-1 for measuring, control and laboratory instruments. Of course, an external mains switch is available for purchase by you as a customer. You can order it from us as a disconnector under article no. 850925, "external cam switch with protection class IP65".