Testomat 2000® Self clean cleaning reagent

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Product information

Dimensions: 110 x 140 x 70 mm
Weight: 0,700 kg
Range of application: se for difficult water, e.g. calcium, biofims, various other deposits extending service life reducing contamination in the measuring chamber
Our comment: Dangerous goods. Read Safety Data Sheet!


Description "Testomat 2000® Self clean cleaning reagent"

Cleaning reagent in 500ml-bottle for Testomat 2000® Self clean

Testomat 2000® self clean is a special version of Testomat 2000® with an additional dosing pump for cleaning or disinfecting agents after an analysis. It can be used to remove possible pollution of the measuring chamber and the drain hose. After a preset number of analysis cycles, the measuring chamber is rinsed and the agent is added to the water in the measuring chamber. After a reaction time of 30 seconds, the content of the measuring chamber is dumped. The measuring chamber is subsequently rinsed twice.