Testomat 2000® Antox-solution 2 x 100 ml bottle

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Dimensions: 110 x 140 x 70 mm
Weight: 0,700 kg


Description "Testomat 2000® Antox-solution 2 x 100 ml bottle"

Testomat 2000® Antox-solution 2 x 100 ml bottle for Testomat 2000® Antox.

Concentrations of oxidising agents, such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone, above TVO-approved (German drinking water ordinance) limit values have a detrimental effect on the dye contained in Testomat 2000® reagents. Exact determination of the water hardness is therefore no longer guaranteed, and the Testomat® instrument displays the error message ‘measuring fault analysis’ (MST analysis). To execute the measurement correctly, a reducing agent must be added.
Testomat 2000® Antox is a special version of Testomat 2000® with an additional pump for dosing a reducing agent. An oxidising agent fault is prevented prior to each analysis by adding a reducing agent to the filled measuring chamber. The further analysis of the water hardness measurement is then continued according to the standard procedure.