Refill pack: Reagents for TESTOVAL® SILICATE DISSOLVED

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Product information

Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 40 mm
Weight: 0,180 kg
Measurement parameters: Silicate, SiO2
Range of application: Refill pack: One set of reagents for TESTOVAL® SILICATE DISSOLVED


Description "Refill pack: Reagents for TESTOVAL® SILICATE DISSOLVED"

Refill pack: One set of reagents for TESTOVAL® SILICATE DISSOLVED
  •  1 set reagents
  • for approx. 10 analyses
  • Measuring time: approx. 19 minutes

Measurement parameters:  
Silicate, SiO2
Measuring range:  
0-10 mg/l SiO2.
Color comparison kit for the rapid manual analysis of silicate content in water in the concentration range 0-10 mg/l SiO2.