Ozone generator CFS

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Heyl Neomeris

Available variants

Nom. Ozone output : 1502 g/h from oxygen, 166 g/h from oxygen, 376 g/h from oxygen, 55 g/h from oxygen, 751 g/h from oxygen

Product information

Dimensions: 720 x 370 x 800 mm
Weight: 50,000 kg


Description "Ozone generator CFS"

Ozone generators CFS for industrial applications and water treatment; water-cooled generator in compact sheet steel housing (IP 42) for oxygen or dried air as operating gas according to the "silent electrical discharge" method.

Consisting of the following components:
  • Ozone generation module made of stainless steel and ceramic dielectric; IGBT power supply with high-voltage transformer and medium-frequency converter electronics.
  • Control and display instruments: Flow meter with adjustment valve for operating gas; pressure control valve with operating pressure indicator; membrane keypad for setting the ozone production quantity (power control 10-100 %) and operating control with display for electrical power, operating hours, operating mode and fault.
  • Floating outputs: remote ON/OFF, open gas valves and alarms
  • External setpoint: 4-20 mA