NeoTec Select Sensor ORP modular measuring package

Product number: 891011
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Available variants

Head transmitter : 4-20 mA , Modbus 12-24 VDC
Tee : 1.5" flow cell with 1" inner thread NPT
measuring range : -2000mV to +2000mV

Product information

Dimensions: 290 x 200 x 170 mm
Weight: 1,000 kg


Description "NeoTec Select Sensor ORP modular measuring package"

The modular ORP measuring package consists of a 3 m connection cable, a Modbus head transmitter, the sensor holder and the ORP flat-head electrode. Due to the construction of the sensor only the ORP electrode has to be replaced. All other components of this system can be used continuously. For an optimal process integration the NeoTec Sensor is delivered with a fitting T-piece.

  • preconfigured for NeoTecMaster®
  • modular design
  • industry standard
  • resource friendly