NeoTec Select Sensor EC modular measuring package

Product number: 891012
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Available variants

measuring range : 0.1-1.000 μS/cm, 0.1-500 μS/cm, 1-10.000 μS/cm
Head transmitter : 4-20 mA , Modbus 12-24 VDC
Tee : 1" flow cell with 3/4" inner thread NPT, 1.5" flow cell with 1" inner thread NPT

Product information

Dimensions: 290 x 200 x 170 mm
Weight: 1,000 kg


Description "NeoTec Select Sensor EC modular measuring package"

The conductivity measuring package consists of a 3 meter connection cable, a Modbus head transmitter, and the conductivity sensor. Due to the design of the sensor assembly, only the sensor needs to be replaced, when it should be worn out . All other components of this system can be used continuously. For an optimal process integration the NeoTec sensor is delivered with a fitting T-piece.

  • preconfigured for NeoTecMaster®
  • modular design
  • industry standard
  • resource friendly