N-LFW, conductivity measuring instrument with 3m hardwired connection cable

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Available variants

potential-free relay contact : with, without
measuring range : 0-10 μS/cm, 0-100 μS/cm, 0-1000 μS/cm

Product information

Dimensions: 230 x 180 x 70 mm
Weight: 0,418 kg
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Description "N-LFW, conductivity measuring instrument with 3m hardwired connection cable"

Instrument for measuring the electrical conductivity of aqueous solutions in combination with two-electrode measuring cells without temperature compensation. Designed as measuring instrument with external measuring cell, available with and without potential-free relay output.
- Examples of use: Complete desalination, reverse osmosis, desalination, cooling circuits, phase separation
- Operates on 9 V DC via the supplied plug-in power supply unit
- Variants with relay output: 1 potential-free relay with switchable mode of operation of the relay control
- Optical limit value indication via LEDs
Technical data
- Measuring ranges: 0 - 10 / 100 / 1000 μS/cm, depending on device type
- Limit value displays: Optical by means of LEDs, limit values adjustable between 0 and 100 % of the measuring range
- Variants with relay output: 1 potential-free relay contact, max. 2 A / 250 V AC, 60 W / 62.5 VA
- Variants with external measuring cell: The measuring device is supplied with wall brackets and 3 m hard-wired connection cable for the measuring cell to be ordered separately
- Power supply: 9 V DC via plug-in power supply unit 100 - 240 V AC
- Power consumption: Approx. 1 W
- Protection class: IP 65
- Housing: Polycarbonate housing, 82 x 60 x 57 mm
- Connections: Side connections for plug-in power supply unit and (variant with relay output) for relay output
- Version with mounted measuring cell: ¾", PP, PN 6, Tmax. 60°C