JUMO tecLine PRO pH PVDF electrodes

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Available variants

Electrical connection of the electrode (onto which the cable is plugged) : Screw head Pg13.5 (S8) , VarioPin (VP) plug-in head Pg13.5
Extra code : Salzreserve + mit integriertem Pt1000, Salt reservoir (837)
Active part : HT-Glas: pH 0 ... 14; 0 ... +110°C, UW glass: pH 0 ... 12 (14 for short periods); -5 ... +80°C
Diaphragm : Ring-gap diaphragm, gel of polymerised solid electrolyte ("diaphragmless")

Product information

Dimensions: 50 x 200 x 50 mm
Weight: 0,200 kg


Description "JUMO tecLine PRO pH PVDF electrodes"

General description
The electrodes are characterised by high mechanical and chemical resistance. Due to the stable PVDF body, there is practically no risk of the sensor breaking. The electrolyte of these combination electrodes guarantees a stable measured value, even in critical media containing sulphite.
A Pt1000 temperature sensor is integrated. Depending on the application, the electrodes can be manufactured as pH or redox electrodes. An open annular gap diaphragm is used as the diaphragm.

Areas of application
  • Chemical industry
  • Waste water treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Paper industry