JUMO tecLine pH Elektrode für Hochtemperatur- und Sterilisationsanwendungen

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Available variants

Insertion length : 120mm
Electrical connection of the electrode (onto which the cable is plugged) : Screw head Pg13.5 (S8) , VarioPin (VP) plug-in head Pg13.5
Extra code : Salt reserve + with integrated Pt100, Salt reservoir (837), without (000)
Diaphragm : 1x zirconium dioxide, Hole diaphragm, gel of polymerised solid electrolyte ("diaphragmless")
Active part : HT-Glas: pH 0 ... 14; -5 ... +135°C
Basic type supplement : Glass shaft, high-temperature gel, sealed, cartridge discharge system

Product information

Dimensions: 50 x 200 x 50 mm
Weight: 0,200 kg


Description "JUMO tecLine pH Elektrode für Hochtemperatur- und Sterilisationsanwendungen"

Typical areas of application
  • Processes with higher continuous temperatures (up to a maximum of 135 °C)
  • Sterilisation applications
  • Double chamber design in the presence of electrode poisons
  • fluoride-containing (hydrofluoric acid-containing) media up to 1000 mg HF/l

Special features
  • proven JUMO HT glass (pH high-temperature membrane glass) 0 ... 14 pH
  • JUMO DS membrane glass for sterilization applications
  • Cartridge discharge system with silver ion-free reference electrolyte (gel)
  • Pressure-resistant versions up to 10 bar (50 °C)
  • Temperature range: 0 ... 135 °C1
  • Temperature sensors can be integrated as an option
  • ORP versions with platinum or gold cap up to ±2000 mV