JUMO screw-in RTD temperature probe with connection cable, loose screw fitting and remote thermowell

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Version : Operating temperature / connection cable: -50 ... +200 °C / silicone, measuring insert: 1 x Pt 100 temperature sensor in three-wire circuit, installation length: 27.5 mm


Description "JUMO screw-in RTD temperature probe with connection cable, loose screw fitting and remote thermowell"

Screw-in resistance thermometer with connection cable, loose screw connection and stepped protection tube

  •  Silicone connecting cables
  •  Temperature range from -50 to +200 °C
  •  With loose screw connection
  •  Single resistance thermometer
  •  1x Pt 100 in three-wire circuit
  •  Tolerance class according to DIN EN 60 751: Class B (standard)
  •  Thermowell diameter: 5.4 mm stepped down to 3.3 mm
  •  Installation length 27.5 mm
  •  Process connection: M 10 x 1 screw connection
  •  Connection cable end: Wire end ferrules to DIN 46 228 Part 4 (standard)
  •  Connection cable length: 2500 mm
  •  Extra code: Bend protection hose

The screw-in resistance thermometer with connection cable is specially designed for use in various industries such as air conditioning and refrigeration technology, heating, furnace and apparatus engineering. It offers precise temperature measurement in both liquid and gaseous media.The installation design of this thermometer ensures reliable tightness, even under extreme conditions of negative and positive pressure. The possible applications range from dry to humid environments and, depending on the version, enable precise temperature measurement in the range from -50 to +400 °C.

The connection cable of this screw-in resistance thermometer is available in various materials, including PVC, silicone, PTFE and metal braiding. This variety makes it possible to select the right variant for your application. The transition of the connecting cable is strain-relieved and an optional bend protection can be fitted to ensure the longevity of the connection.The measuring insert is equipped as standard with a Pt 100 temperature insert in accordance with DIN EN 60 751, class B in a two-wire circuit. Optionally, the measuring insert can also be selected with Pt 500 or Pt 1000.In addition, the connection can be made in either three- or four-wire circuits to meet individual requirements.