JUMO AQUIS 500 CR – Transmitter/controller for conductivity, TDS, resistance and temperature

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Available variants

Unit selection : Individual: According to order code from JUMO data sheet, please inform us., Version 1: Stock version: type 202565/20-888-888-310-310-23/000 ; part-no. 00480055, Version 2: Stock version: type 202565/20-888-000-310-000-23/000 ; part-no. 00480054

Product information

Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 150 mm
Weight: 1,200 kg
Measurement parameters: Conductivity, TDS, resistance and temperature
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Description "JUMO AQUIS 500 CR – Transmitter/controller for conductivity, TDS, resistance and temperature"

The instrument is used for conductive measurement / control of the electrolytic conductivity, the resistivity or the TDS value. In addition, the JUMO AQUIS 500 CR offers the possibility of displaying the measured conductivity according to a customer-specific table. display.
Both conductive two-electrode and four-electrode measuring cells can be connected to the device. The temperature measurement is carried out as a second input variable with a Pt100/1000. Depending on the measured variable, specific automatic temperature compensation is possible.
The unit is operated via keys and a large LC graphic display. This display makes it easy to read the measured value. The display of the parameters in plain text simplifies configuration for the operator and supports correct programming of the unit.
The modular design of the unit allows it to be adapted to the requirements of the application. Up to four outputs are available.

Typical areas of application:
Universally applicable in water and wastewater management, service water, process water and wastewater, drinking, well and surface water, pure and ultrapure water applications, pharmaceutical water applications (e.g. according to USP, Ph.Eur., WFI), water quality measurements, TDS measurements (ppm or mg/l).

Special features 
  • Direct switching option to specific
      - specific conductivity (µS/cm or mS/cm)
      - specific resistance (kΩ x cm or MΩ x cm)
      - TDS measurement (ppm or mg/l)
      - customer-specific table

  • Automatic temperature compensation: off (e.g. USP), linear, ASTM, natural waters (EN 27888/ISO 7888)
  • Large LC graphic display with backlighting
  • Display presentation selectable: large digits, bargraph or tendency display
  • Calibration options depending on measured variable: cell constant and temperature coefficient
  • Calibration logbook
  • Connection possibility of two-electrode measuring cells (standard) or four-electrode measuring cells
  • Activatable contamination detection 
  • Autorange operation 
  • Protection class IP67 for surface mounting Protection class IP65 for control cabinet mounting
  • Operator languages switchable: German, English, French; other languages via setup program Rechargeable
  • Through setup program: convenient programming, system documentation, Loading of further operator languages