JUMO contact resistance thermometer with connection cable, stainless steel protective fitting

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Version : Operating temperature / connection cable: -50 ... +260 °C / PTFE, measuring insert: 1 x Pt 100 temperature sensor in two-wire circuit


Description "JUMO contact resistance thermometer with connection cable, stainless steel protective fitting"

Contact resistance thermometer with mounting hole Protective fitting stainless stell

  •  Temperature range from -50 to +260°C (PTFE)
  •  1× Pt100 in two-wire circuit
  •  Tolerance class according to DIN EN 60751: Class B (standard)
  •  Connection cable end: Wire end ferrules to DIN 46228 Part 4 (standard)
  •  Connection length in mm: 2500 mm
  •  Extra code: without

  • Suitable for round and flat surfaces
  •  Quick and uncomplicated installation
  •  with protective fittings made of various materials
  •  Low thermal mass
  •  Optimum heat transfer from the measuring point to the sensor

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Contact resistance thermometers are ideal for precise temperature measurements on closed pipe systems and other round or flat surfaces. The uncomplicated installation with tensioning straps or hose clamps eliminates the need for mechanical processing of the measuring point.
Indirect temperature measurement guarantees interference-free temperature measurement, unaffected by flow, pressure or chemical influences. Due to the low thermal mass of the measurement object, the influence is kept to a minimum. Heat-conducting paste is optionally available to optimise heat transfer.
Large temperature differences between the measured medium and the environment are directly reflected in the measurement; additional insulation is recommended here.
A Pt100 temperature sensor in accordance with DIN EN 60751 Class B in a two-wire circuit is fitted as standard, but variants with Pt500, Pt1000 are also possible.