Horiba 6560S-10C, chloride ion (Cl-) electrode (combined)

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Maße: 250 x 50 x 50 mm
Gewicht: 0,230 kg
Messparameter: Chloride
Messbereich: Chloride: 0,35 - 35.000 mg/L Cl- 1 x 10-5 - 1 mol/L Cl-
Einsatzbereich: Agriculture, river/tap water, plant tissue, soils, boiler feed water, clinical analysis, sweat, urine, cement, plating baths and dairy/food/beverage samples.


Beschreibung "Horiba 6560S-10C, chloride ion (Cl-) electrode (combined)"

Manufacturer's number: 3200697407

Ion-selective electrodes respond to the concentration of specific ions in the test fluid and are variable potential electrodes. They are used in combination with reference electrodes to measure the concentration of certain ions.
When measuring with an ion meter, the ion concentration can be read directly by calibrating with different standard solutions. Since the volume reading changes with temperature, measurements must be taken at a fixed temperature.

Chloride sensor, if selected, is supplied without chloride ion strength regulator and chloride electrode filling solution. This must be procured by the customer. Without the filling solution the sensor can´t be used.