emec PRISMA stepper motor dosing pump

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Product information

Dimensions: 20 x 380 x 290 mm
Weight: 4,000 kg
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Our comment: A detailed explanation of the operating modes can be found in the operating instructions in the download area, where you will also find the product data sheet. You can easily access both documents via the link below the product text.


Description "emec PRISMA stepper motor dosing pump"

Slow mode:
With the exclusive SLOW MODE function of PRISMA dosing pumps, the stroke speed can be reduced from 100% to 1% during the priming cycle. This function facilitates the adaptation of the pump to the dosing medium and increases the reliability and deaeration of high viscosity dosing media.

Colour display and encoder control:
The PRISMA dosing pump is equipped with an encoder for quick and easy menu navigation, as well as a large display for a convenient setting of the operating parameters and monitoring of the pump functions.
The intelligent multi-function software allows the operator to precisely set the dosage required by the application. This allows you to enter the desired value and read it directly in ml/h or l/h via the graphic display. All operating modes are displayed clearly and easily through self-explaining symbols.

Operating mode:
- Constant
- Proportional control by external input, operating mode mg/l (ppm)
- Proportional control by external input, operating mode percent (%)
- Start-pause
- Weekly timer
- External input (start and/or pause)

Turndown function:
Prisma's stepper motor driven pumps offer the most precise control over stroke speed and provide an excellent turndown ratio of up to 4800:1. means that Prisma can divide the dosing process into a maximum of 4800 steps to ensure the most homogeneous and precise distribution of the product depending on the desired application to be dosed. Furthermore, the CC per pulse function provides additional dosing accuracy.

- Multifunction input
- Level (with pre-alarm)
- Pulse transmitter Water meter (PPM mode, %, mlq, mA, V, pulse)
- Standby
- External contact (voltage-free)

Alarm (common for all alarms)

- RS485 / Modbus RTU (optional)
- Bluetooth for remote control (optional on request)

Hydraulic parts:
- PP
- Stainless steel (AISI 316)
- Acrylic glass (PMMA)
- Check valves with double ball
- O-rings made of FKM B, EPDM, nitrile, PTFE

PTFE diaphragm

Scope of delivery:
  • 1x PRISMA dosing pump 90 -240 VAC, 50/60 Hz with mains cable
  • 1x Axial foot valve with level switch / empty indicator made of PVDF or PP, depending on the selected version
  • 1x Injection valve 1/2" or 3/4" made of PVDF or PP, depending on the selected version
  • 1x 2m pressure hose made of PVDF (for PVDF head) or PE (for PP head), 4x6mm or 6x8mm* (depending on version, see technical data)
  • 1x 2m suction hose PVC transparent, 4x6mm, 6x8mm*, 8x10mm (depending on version, see technical data)
  • 1x 2m vent hose PVC transparent, 4x6mm
  • 1x 2m 3-pole signal cable for "ALARM" output
  • 1x 1.5m 5-pole signal cable for universal signal input "INPUT", standby input and external start
  • 1x instruction manual
  • 4x dowels (6mm diameter) 
  • 4x screws, 4.5 x 40 
  • 1x fine-wire fuse 5 x 20mm, ...AT
* For 6x8mm only one hose (PE Matt) with 4m length, for two hoses, simply cut through.

The operating modes at a glance
  • Constant - The pump delivers a constant quantity.
  • ml per pulse -Dosage of a constant quantity per pulse
  • PPM - proportional dosing in ppm
  • Percent - proportional dosing in percent
  • MLQ - dosing proportional to quantity in MLQ
  • Batch - use the pump to fill a container
  • Volt - control pump proportionally with 0-10V signal
  • mA - control pump proportionally with 0/4-20mA signal
  • Pulse - control pump proportionally with pulse signal.
  • Pause-run - set surge dosing time-controlled