Consulting Clinical Solutions – Process analysis

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Description "Consulting Clinical Solutions – Process analysis"

The process analysis represents a comprehensive consideration of all relevant treatment steps and essentially includes

  • A detailed analysis of the water treatment and the associated utilisation of the water qualities produced
  • Evaluation of the equipment technology used against the background of potential surface changes
  • Qualified sampling across the entire process for water, steam and equipment technology
  • Carrying out sieve inspections including detailed microscopic analyses
  • Work shadowing in the operating theatre (after consultation, if possible)
  • Assessment of the clean & unclean side work processes in the AEMP
  • Examination of all processes relevant to logistics and therefore to provision and preparation
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report structured according to the individual focal points, including formulation of recommendations for action in the form of an action plan
  • Presentation of the results on site

The process analysis enables all those involved in the reprocessing process (in particular: AEMP management, head of building services, hygiene officer, etc.) to take a high-quality view of the overall process with a focus on optimised work processes, instrument preservation, patient safety, cost savings and legal certainty.