Compact ozone systems TOGC8 XIS/ 13 XIS, 45 XIS and 55 XIS

Product number: 880112
Heyl Neomeris

Available variants

Ozone production : 13 g/h, 45 g/h, 55 g/h, 8 g/h

Product information

Dimensions: 1860 x 770 x 810 mm
Weight: 165,000 kg


Description "Compact ozone systems TOGC8 XIS/ 13 XIS, 45 XIS and 55 XIS"


The ozone systems are completely piped, connected and ready for operation on the mounting frame. 

The systems each consist of:
  • Ozone generator with high voltage/high frequency power supply and ozone generator module with a ceramic dielectric; Control and indication instruments: ON/OFF switch; Ozone ON/OFF switch; Ozone local/remote switch; Ozone ON/OFF lamp; Ozone fault lamp; Operating gas fault indicator; Adjustment knob for variable ozone production; External control input for ozone (4-20 mA); Flow meter and regulator for oxygen with pressure control valve.
  • Fully automatic oxygen concentrator with pressure change system and integrated air compressor with boiler for the production of approx. 95 % oxygen
  • Ozone injection system with booster pump and liquid jet injector for suction and mixing of the ozone-containing oxygen with motive water including check valve in the ozone gas line and piping of the components in ozone-resistant Teflon and PVC materials
  • Control box with indicator lamps for operating mode and malfunction Main switch, EMERGENCY STOP; pump malfunction indicator; local/remote changeover switch and connection terminals