CINTROPUR UV lamp 25W / 40W

Product number: UV-Lampe
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Heyl Neomeris

Available variants

Version : 25W, 40W

Product information

Dimensions: 95 x 495 x 95 mm
Weight: 0,550 kg


Description "CINTROPUR UV lamp 25W / 40W"

  • must be replaced once a year and left on 24/7
  • must be protected from moisture and fingerprints

The lamp only works when it is properly installed in the filter head of the steriliser.

UV lamp 25W: It is suitable for use in the UV 2100, DUO-UV and TRIO UV 25W sterilisers.
UV lamp 40W: It is suitable for use in the UV 4100 sterilisers and the TRIO UV.