Testomat® 808 with NeoTecMaster® – value-added package

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Heyl Neomeris

Product information

Dimensions: 280 x 600 x 420 mm
Weight: 10,500 kg
Measurement parameters: and your existing or selected 4-20mA / Modbus RTU measurement technology.
Measuring range: Limit value total hardness 0.02 - 5 ° dH (0.4 - 89 ppm)
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Description "Testomat® 808 with NeoTecMaster® – value-added package"

The Testomat® 808 is a compact analyser for online measurement of water hardness according to the principle of "limit value monitoring with colour change" in the measuring range 0.02 - 5 ° dH (0.4 - 89 ppm). Applications of the continuous residual hardness monitoring are e.g.: Reverse osmosis systems, boiler feed water supply Soft water for commercial purposes, ultrapure water systems. 

In view of the fact that the Testomat® 808 is suitable for use in multi-parameter systems due to its 4-20mA signal output, we hereby offer you the Testomat® 808 in conjunction with the NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller, which was specially developed by our company, as a package solution at a preferential price. 

The 4-channel NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller included in this package enables the processing of up to four measurement signals. Via the 4-20mA NeoTec slave input module connected to the NeoTecMaster®, the data is transmitted to the NeoTecMaster® and used to display the measured value, the trend and the status messages on the 5-inch screen. In addition, the NeoTecMaster® has an RS232 interface as well as a Modbus RTU input, which you can use freely after brief technical consultation with us. (Pre-check whether your existing measurement technology to be integrated requires adjustments). 

The NeoTecMaster® can be systematically supplemented with further optional NeoTec modules (function / signal converter modules) as required. This allows the future realisation of further control concepts in a flexible way. 

Two modules which fundamentally extend the range of functions and are already included in the scope of delivery are our NeoTec slave relay module and the 4x 4-20mA input module. This allows you to add potential-free relay contacts to the overall system and to integrate and visualise further system technology such as sensors via the 4x 4-20mA input module. You can freely assign the relay contacts to the incoming measurement signals and thus, for example, implement simple limit value-related control concepts as well as output measurement value-related messages. 

Further advantages of the NeoTecMaster: 

  • Simple operation Integration of the Testomat® device world, here in connection with the Testomat® 808 
  • Integration into the existing control cabinet, alternatively we offer our NeoTecMaster® enclosure 
  • Modular range of functions can be extended by NeoTec slave and signal converter modules (measurement, control, regulation)
  •  Available as built-in or surface-mounted variant 
  • Structured continuous data recording on the integrated SD card or optionally available SDHC card (2Gbyte) as a file in CSV format 

In addition, there are the proven functionalities of the Testomat® 808: 

  • Indication of limit value undershoot or overshoot: green / red LED 
  • Modern indicator pump system 
  • Automatic measuring sequence with low water consumption 
  • Direct error and indicator quantity display 
  • Internal and external flushing of the measuring chamber by manual control 
  • Control of an external flush valve 
  • Three potential-free relays for: External flush valve control Limit value evaluation External control and / or alarm processing
  • Safety check for 72-hour operation without supervision 
  • Indicator quantities: 100 and 500 ml bottles 
  • 4 - 20 mA interface for defined status and error messages 
  • RS 232 interface for firmware updates 
General information
  • Water connection and operating pressure: Depending on unit version: 0.3 - 1 bar / 0.3 x 105 to 4 x 105 Pa 1 - 4 bar / 1 x 105 to 4 x 105 Pa (from 4 to 8 bar, a pressure reducer must be used (special accessory)) 
  • Water inlet: opaque hose with 6 mm outer diameter/4 mm inner diameter 
  • Water outlet: hose with 6 mm outer diameter/4 mm inner diameter 
  • Water temperature: 10 to 40 °C

From 4 bar, a separately available pressure reducer must be used. Please use only the indicators approved for Testomat® 808!

Optional accessories: 

  • NeoTecMaster unit hood