Testomat® 808 indicator 303

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Maße: 110 x 140 x 70 mm
Gewicht: 0,600 kg
Messparameter: residual hardness
Messbereich: limit value: 0,3°dH
Einsatzbereich: suitable for: Testomat® 808, Testomat® F-BOB
Unser Kommentar: Original Testomat® bottles can be used immediately in the instrument without cumbersome filling and refilling. We have a wide range of indicators and reagents for our online analysis instruments which are optimized for use with our photometers.


Beschreibung "Testomat® 808 indicator 303"

500 ml bottle original Testomat® 808/BOB indicator 303 for measuring residual hardness.
Limit value: 
0,3°dH residual hardness
0.534 °fH
5.34 ppm CaCO3
0.0534 °mmol/l