Service kit Professional for 2-year maintenance Testomat® 808 SiO2

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Unser Kommentar: For units with serial number 253.061 and higher, an adjustment with silicate-free water is required after installation. For units with an older serial number, a software update must be carried out in addition to the adjustment mentioned above. Please refer to the operating instructions for this.


Beschreibung "Service kit Professional for 2-year maintenance Testomat® 808 SiO2"

Service set contains:

2 x sight glasses 30 x 3
3 x flat gasket 24 x 2
1 x insert for screw cap & suction tube 100 ml fl.
1 x insert for screw cap & suction tube 500 ml fl.
1 x conversion kit double pump head
1 x gear motor
2 x hose connectors
1 x cleaning brush- set

After replacement, the pump must be recalibrated in Testomat® 808 SiO2. The adjustment is available from firmware version T808_83-003. Update the firmware of older versions before carrying out the adjustment! (serial numbers lower 253.061) It is important to use water with a silicate content of 0 ppm for this adjustment, otherwise the adjustment of the zero point is faulty and leads to incorrect measurement results.  To ensure this, please use the silicate filter cartridge for the T808 SiO2, article 270344, specially developed for this process. (For additional information and notes on the equipment required for the software update, see the operating instructions as well as the "Replacing the pump head in Testomat808 SiO2" document)