Ozone Destruct – catalytic residual ozone destructor

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Work area : 0 – 13 Nm³/h, 0 – 20 Nm³/h, 0 – 6 Nm³/h

Product information

Dimensions: 100 x 900 x 100 mm
Weight: 12,000 kg


Description "Ozone Destruct – catalytic residual ozone destructor"

Catalytic residual ozone destroyer Ozone Destruct for the reduction of excess ozone in the tank exhaust air line of ultrapure water systems. 

The unit consists of: 
Reactor housing stainless steel DN 80 (outer surface Ra 0.80 µm, weld seams ground) with TriClamp connections according to DIN 32676 for air inlet and exhaust air (other connections on request), flow internals and droplet separator, Carulite 200 catalyst granulate and electrical trace heating. 
- Classification of pressure equipment according to DGRL2014/68/EU
- Acceptance test certificates for metallic materials according to DIN EN 10204 3.1 
- Restamping certificates 
- Seals certificate of conformity according to FDA (21 CFR § 177.2600), EC 1935/2004, USP Class VI 
- Assembly and operating instructions, incl safety data sheet Carulite 200