NeoTec Slave 2/3/4G (Europa) inkl. Pilzantenne und USB-Kabel

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Product information

Dimensions: 115 x 22.5 x 100 mm
Weight: 0,150 kg


Description "NeoTec Slave 2/3/4G (Europa) inkl. Pilzantenne und USB-Kabel"

The NeoTec Slave 2/3/4G is designed for use in control and regulation systems with decentralised I/O nodes. It consists of CAN field bus components, all of which are designed for top-hat rail mounting and are graduated in snap-in widths of 22.5 mm. It is also possible to route both the CAN bus and the power supply through a bus strip integrated into the top-hat rail. The extensive product portfolio of over 100 different fieldbus components enables solutions with conventional I/Os through to communication with standardised industry-typical fieldbus protocols. Thanks to the modular design, the components can be easily retrofitted. The I/O modules are mainly available in units of 2, 4 and 8 I/Os. The integration of the busbar into the top-hat rail ensures user-friendly, time-saving and safe wiring. Translated with (free version)