JUMO ecoLine pH/ORP plastic shaft electrode, S8 Pg13.5 screw head with slip-on protection basket

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Available variants

Electrical connection of the electrode (onto which the cable is plugged) : Screw head Pg13.5 (S8)
Insertion length : 120mm
Measuring resistor (temperature sensor) : without
Measured parameter : ORP, pH
Diaphragm : Glass fibre

Product information

Dimensions: 50 x 200 x 50 mm
Weight: 0,200 kg


Description "JUMO ecoLine pH/ORP plastic shaft electrode, S8 Pg13.5 screw head with slip-on protection basket"

pH/ORP electrodes with plastic shaft and clip-on protection basket

Selected version:
  • Without temperature sensor (not available for this series, only for Jumo tecLine and tecLine HD series)
  • Screw head S8 Pg13.5
  • Glass silk diaphragm
  • Plastic shaft PEI
  • Mounting length 120mm (standard)
  • Type code (can also be found on your electrode): 
Type 201005/53-18-22-0000-00-120/000 ; part no. 00357022 
Type 201010/53-22-22-0000-00-120/000 ; Part No. 00357020 

The electrodes of the JUMO ecoLine series are high-quality measuring sensors with a favorable price/performance ratio. 

Active part pH
The JUMO ecoLine plastic electrodes with clip-on protection basket are equipped with the low-resistance JUMO UW glass. This guarantees fast and reliable measurement results. 

Active part ORP
The robust platinum tip ensures reliable measured values and is also easy to clean. 

Reference system
A polymerised KCl solid electrolyte is used in the PEI plastic shaft version. This is ideally suited for measurements in general aqueous media. For measurements in media with fewer ions or at high flow rates, the electrolyte can be equipped with an optional "salt reservoir" to increase the service life. The JUMO cartridge discharge system, which has been tried and tested for years, is used as the reference system. Here, the electrolyte remains free of silver ions over the service life of the sensor and is therefore less susceptible to electrode poisons. JUMO ecoLine electrodes in the plastic shaft version made of transparent PEI have a glass-fiber diaphragm. A clip-on protective cage protects the sensor when used with hand-held measuring instruments. Optionally, the electrodes can be supplied in a storage container (quiver). This is recommended if the sensor is only used sporadically, for refreshing the sensor after longer, intensive use or for longer storage periods. 

All sensors can be supplied as OEM versions on request. Special versions on request.

Areas of application
  • Drinking water monitoring and treatment
  • Swimming pool
  • Aquaristics (also seawater aquaristics)
  • Greenhouse technology
  • Lightly polluted industrial, process and waste water
  • Rainwater, pond water and surface water
  • hand-held measuring devices

Not recommended for
  • galvanic water treatment
  • industrial process and waste water
  • ultrapure water
  • therapeutic baths
  • biotechnology, sterilisation processes