Cooler for manual sampling to 120° hot water

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Product information

Dimensions: 400 x 500 x 560 mm
Weight: 4,700 kg
Range of application: The Cooler are used for manual sampling of water samples hat must be cooled down to ambient temperature for analytic proposals. The hot water is thereby cooled by a flow of cold water before analysis.


Description "Cooler for manual sampling to 120° hot water"

Cooler consists of Titanium steel 1.4571 for manual sampling to 120°C hot water.
  • Max.water pressure/hot water: 16 bar
  • Max.water pressure/cold water: 8 bar
  • Cold water inlet: ½“
  • Cold water outlet (canal): ½ “
  • Hot water (in- and outlet): 8 mm
Dimensions: 598 x 335 mm
You can find a detailed description of the cooler in the technical data sheet for download on this page.