UVprofessional pool 15 m³/h low-pressure system

Product number: 891170
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Flow rate at UV transmission 98% / 1cm and 250 J/m2 as well as 400 J/m2 UV exposure : 15 m³/h at 250 J/m²; 10 m³/h at 400 J/m² (pool capacity 50m3), 25 m³/h at 250 J/m²; 10 m³/h at 400 J/m² (pool capacity 75m3)


Description "UVprofessional pool 15 m³/h low-pressure system"

The cost-effective UV-C disinfection is excellently suited for swimming pool water, swimming pool attractions, fountains and pond systems. UV treatment does not introduce any unwanted by-products into the water that could lead to possible side effects such as skin or eye irritation. UV treatment provides supplementary protection against chlorine-resistant organisms and reduction of algae formation in swimming and garden ponds without endangering the animal and plant population of the pond facilities. UV disinfection in swimming pool attractions and fountains prevents bacteria from aerosols from being inhaled.

Stainless steel reactor (1.4571 DIN EN 10217-7, external electropolished) with conical external threads according to DIN 10241:2000, quartz immersion tube and UV low-pressure lamp, electronic ballast in plastic housing with on/off switch, operating hours counter and plug (230 VAC), without UV monitoring.

Pool NS 15: (art. no. 891170)
Pool capacity: - 50m³ 
Flow rate: 13 m³/h at 250 J/m²; 5 m³/h at 400 J/m²
UV lamp: 1x 80 Watt; connection: 2" ET

Pool NS 25: (art. no. 891171)
Pool capacity: - 75m³
Flow rate: 25 m³/h at 250 J/m²; 10m³/h at 400 J/m²
UV lamp: 1x 125 Watt; connection: 2" ET

  • Version with UV monitoring 
  • Version with remote control input
  • Version with time relay output 230 VAC, 6A