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Available variants

Unit selection : Version 1: Stock version: Type 202569/20-654-888-000-000-23/000 ; Part No. 00613453, Version 2: Stock version: Type 202569/20-654-888-888-310-310-23/000 ; Part No. 00602275, Version 3: Stock version: Type 202569/20-654-888-000-310-000-23/000 ; Part No. 00602276

Product information

Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 150 mm
Weight: 1,200 kg
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Description "JUMO AQUIS 500 RS"

Indicator/controller for digital sensors with Modbus protocol

The unit has 1 digital interface, 1 analogue temperature input and 1 binary input. The digital interface is suitable for connecting sensors that have a Modbus RS485 interface. If the connected sensor does not have an integrated temperature sensor, a resistance thermometer Pt100, Pt1000 or NTC/PTC (up to 4 k) can be connected to the analogue temperature input. The power supply for the digital sensor is integrated in the unit.
The LCD graphic display allows the input signals to be shown as digits or as a bar graph. The display of the parameters in plain text makes operation easy to understand and safe.
With two optional relay change-over contacts, both simple switching or alarm functions and sophisticated control tasks with P, PI, PD and PID behaviour can be realised. On request, the unit can also be supplied with two freely parameterisable and scalable analogue outputs (0 to 10 V, or 0(4) to 20 mA).

Special features
  • Display: mg/l, ppm, % SAT, %, ‰, g/l, ppb, µg/l, NTU, FNU, etc.
Special displays are also possible with the setup programme
  • Large LCD graphic display with backlighting
  • Display representation selectable: large digits, bargraph or trend display
  • Integrated calibration routines:
depending on the sensor: zero point, full scale and 2-point
  • Calibration logbook
  • Protection class IP67 for surface mounting
  • Protection class IP65 for control cabinet mounting
  • Operator languages (switchable): German, English, French
  • through setup program (option): convenient programming, system documentation, reloading of additional operating languages