Service set Testomat® LAB TH

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Product information

Range of application: This special service set is designed for the Testomat 2000® PO4 with spare parts for the PeriClip® pump, i.e. the pump head.


Description "Service set Testomat® LAB TH"

There is a separate service set especially for Testomat® LAB TH, which contains important spare parts.
The service set includes the following spare parts:
  • 1 T2000 gasket kit
  • 2 sight glasses 30x3
  • 1 flow regulator core
  • 3 measuring chamber plugs
  • 1 filter screen for intake
  • 5 different pipes
  • 1 cleaning brush set
  • 2 x screw cap with insert for 500 ml bottle